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Interior and Exterior Painting:
   - Expert Color Consultation and Application
   - Historical Color Matching and Preservation
   - Meticulous Painting for Revitalized Spaces

Wood Rot Repair and Restoration:
   - Specialized Wood Assessment and Repair
   - Structural Integrity Restoration
   - Rot Prevention and Treatment Solutions


Each property in the historic district is unique and may require permitting from both the building department and the Historic District Commission. We create tailored demolition plans that consider the specific historical context, surrounding environment, and structural intricacies to ensure a meticulous and sensitive demolition process.​​

Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades:
   - Custom Countertop Installation
   - Cabinetry Refinishing or Replacement
   - Modern Fixtures Seamlessly Integrated

Historical Façade Renovation:
  - Detail-Oriented Restoration of Exterior Features
  - Preservation of Original Architecture

Porch and Deck Restoration:
   - Historical Porch Reconstruction
   - Deck Repair and Enhancement

Flooring Restoration and Installtion
  - Hardwood Flooring Restoration / Replacement
  -Vinyl Plank Flooring
  -Tile Flooring 

Cabinet Refinishing and Restoration
   - Transformation Or Replacement of Existing Cabinetry
   -Historical Cabinetry Restoration
   - Countertop Replacement with granite or marble. 

Customized Solutions for the Historic District
We offer tailored Solutions for Historical Homeowners       allowing them to modernizing while Respecting Historical     features
Project Management and Coordination:
    - Streamlined Execution of Renovation Plans
    - Timely Progress Updates and Communication
    - Quality Assurance for Every Stage

From refreshing paint to intricate wood repairs and transformative countertop installations, Bristol Home Improvement is your partner in enhancing your home's charm. Our services combine modern innovation with historical reverence, reflecting Bristol's distinctive character.

Reach out to us to discuss your specific project and how we can bring new life to your space while preserving its heritage.

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